Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County, Inc.
PO Box 2006, Asbury Park, NJ 07712
2407 Route 66, Ocean Township, NJ 07712
(732) 869-5619

The Legal Aid Society provides appropriate pro bono representation to indigent Monmouth County residents who meet our eligibility guidelines.

The Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County, Inc. has a part-time Director who is a NJ attorney. After completing an application, clients are interviewed. If there is an agency available to resolve their type of case, they are referred to that agency. If the problem requires litigation and the client meets the financial eligibility guidelines and the case requirements, the Director finds an attorney who will represent the client on a pro bono basis.

The Legal Aid Society represents only residents of Monmouth County, NJ who have cases in Monmouth County.

Contact: Geoffrey M. Greenberg, Executive Director
Days/Hours: By Appointment
Area Served: Monmouth County
Services Provided: Referral to attorneys for legal representation in civil cases.
Method of Application: Phone for appointment (732) 869-5619 and application form.
Eligibility Requirements: Yes. Inability of county resident to obtain needed legal assistance because of financial distress.
Fees: None
Handicapped Access: Yes
Transportation Provided: No
Languages Spoken: English
Types of Cases Considered:

Civil cases with a trial location in Monmouth County where the value of the case exceeds $1,000 and the client is the defendant.
Bankruptcy - If Conflict of Interest From Ocean Monmouth Legal Services.
Landlord/Tenant - If Conflict of Interest From Ocean Monmouth Legal Services.

Child Custody
Child Support
Child Visitation

Excludes criminal, police matters and plaintiff suits for recovery of monies on which contingent representation would be available.

Geoffrey M. Greenberg, Esq.


Lynn Staufenberg, Esq., President
Matthew A. Smuro, Esq., Vice President
Raymond S. Santiago, Esq., Secretary
William Stabile, CPA, Treasurer

Amy Altenhaus, Ph.D.
Joy A. Anderson, Esq.
Mark T. Apostolou, Jr, Esq.
Gregory S. Baxter, Esq.
Andrea Bazer, Esq.
Tanis B. Deitch, Esq.
Thomas Ehrlich, Esq.
Barbara J. McMorrow
Robin Jill Schneider, Esq.
Charles F. Shaw, III, Esq.
Ronald Troppoli, Esq.
Eugen Velea

Frederick L. Blankenhorn, Esq.
Lynne Broza, CPA
I. Mark Cohen, Esq.
Toby Grabelle, Esq.

Richard Lomurro, Esq.
Allison McGoughran
J. Patrick McMorrow, Esq.

Ronald Catelli, Esq., President, Monmouth Bar Association

Mrs. Walter H. Conklin
Samuel L. Epstein, Esq.
Justice Daniel J. O’Hern